Over the years we have received so many messages from our clients about our horses we sold to them.
We would love to share some of our clients' stories with you here.

Cellehof Anka:

I just thought I would send you a quick email about Anka.

I have to just tell you that I have worked with so many babies in my time and this horse is SO special.
You and your staff obviously do such a wonderful "thing" with your youngsters because she is the
most pleasurable horse to work with.
I've been riding her and every day I just fall more in love with her.


Awesome temperament!

Cellehof Trent:

He really is a special horse and is completely unfazed about mares and is even stabled in a barn with a mare and foal two boxes away from him.
Trent is really coming on well and is showing an immense talent for the collective work and more “power” movement, which he enjoys doing and puts in a lot of effort and focus.

Cellehof Torquay:

I wanted to tell you that Torquay is just THE BEST thing that has happened to me and to our family.
My daughter is now almost 5 and my twin boys are 2. They groom Torquay (they only reach up to the top of his legs) and they all “ride” him.
Torquay is just absolutely amazing with the kids and in general. So calm and loving around the kids and he really instils confidence. We all just absolutely adore him! From a dressage perspective he is equally fabulous, so solid, learns quickly and every day is an improvement on the previous one.

Cellehof Da Vinci:

Love him!

Cellehof Youngsters:

Amazing ride on Cellehof Don Carrera this morning, Dominey, I assume he's named after your Porsche because he's big, black, sexy and has a button for every athletic function you could possibly want?!  An utter joy sitting on such quality.  Thanks to the  Alexanders for the opportunity to ride ome of the nicest young horses around!



It's amazing what horses do for us.  Woke up this morning with a stuffy heat but determined not to miss another Cellehof Sunday morning outride.  An hour spent on my wonderful Lula Bell and I'm feeling sooooooo much better!


Just wanted to say a HUGE HUGE Huge thank u to Dominey Alexander for making my trip up to Shongweni possible!! Ur the best ... not to mention the best coach in the world! Was truly blessed to be part of the experience and share it all with u!!


A big thank you to Dominey Alexander and Karen Alexander from Cellehof Stud for an amazing Easter Fest.  Goliath is looking fabulous.  Thank you for looking after him.  You guys make an amazing team!!


Thank you so much Dominey Alexander for helping me this week!!

Thanks Dominey Alexander for being such an amazing trainer and all ur help!


Thank you to the most supportive and inspiring trainer!


Great day training at Maple Ridge Equestrian Farm with Dominey and the Cellehof Riders.


The average teacher explains complexity; the gifted teacher reveals simplicity AND... the mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.  The superior teacher demonstrates.  The great teacher inspires.  Thank you for inspiring and teaching us every day Dom!